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The whole experience was extremely humiliating and traumatizing

Yes I will give my testimony. I had the series of traumas and I experienced systemic violence in the English healthcare system. It is a very long story. Maybe I am a little off topic. But in 2013 I experienced mental heath discrimination at the 06.6. They did a psychiatric evaluation on me without my knowledge and consent. I was bullied by the authorities (I think you know who I am talking about) for almost 2 years. In the beginning I was put under house arrest. I was not told why I was being investigated. All of this stress put upon me and harassment took it’s toll. Basically I was dealing with a bunch of gangsters. To make a long story short I ended up having a nervous breakdown and had my baby legally kidnapped. She was abused in care. I tried complaining but to no avail. At this point I did not trust family court to deliver justice. Eventually they did leave us alone. But it took 6 months to get my kid back. I think the constant stress and the terror inflicted upon my family and me contributed to me developing breast cancer. It was basically a witch hunt that the system conducted. These are very sick people. They are supposed to protect children not put them in danger. I did not know my rights at the time. I was not aware of the abuses. So because of this I was not able to protect my daughter. I did not know that I had the right to refuse care from a male doctor-I said I preferred a woman doctor examining me down there and the male doctor got really pissed off at me and told the social services people all kinds of exaggerated lies. The violence I experienced was even worse with the women healthcare practitioners (social workers but at the time I thought they were social workers but really they only had a couple months training.) Little did I know that all of these lies and exaggerated truths were on my records. So every time a woman who has been victimized like this uses the CLSC or English healthcare system any doctor or social worker or nurse can read these exaggerated lies and believe them and bully the woman. So then you get watched and treated differently. Everything I told any psychiatrist (I only saw one a few times before I had my kid) in the past was recorded on paper (I was not aware of this) and is now on my records for anyone to see-I mean any healthcare professional that is treating me if I use the CLSC services or the English system Well I could go on and on about the other abuses but I will leave it at this. You are welcome to believe or not believe me but it is happening all over the country and beyond. Theses healthcare workers and social workers have way way too much power. It is a waste of time to even complain since the human rights commission is also very discriminatory. The whole experience was extremely humiliating and traumatizing.


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